How To Apply


Do a ‘get pin’ / PIN retrieval at The results of registration for the get pin of the prospective participant will get a pin number which will be used as a bill key to pay for registration fees at Bank Mandiri, BTN, BNI ’46, or BRI.


Paying registration fees to multi payment bank Mandiri (via internet banking, ATM and teller), bank BNI’46 (via teller and ATM), or Bank BTN (via teller). The payment method is only to show the PIN to the bank teller / get it through an ATM


Doing ‘fill in the form’ at This registration can be done immediately after making a payment transaction at the bank (real time). Registration “Fill in the form” cannot be done if the registration “get pin” (point 1) and registration fee payment (point 2) has not been done.


Important things to note: