The Graduation Ceremony of Diponegoro University Graduate School was held on Thursday, January 30, 2020 at TTB Building. A, 6th floor prof. Ir. Soemarman Room, UNDIP Graduate School Jl. Imam Bardjo, SH, No. 5 Semarang At 14.00 WIB

The Graduation Release Ceremony was led by Dr. R.B. Sularto. Sh. M.Hum (Dean of Graduate School) with Prof. Dr. Hadiyanto, ST., M.Sc (Vice Dean of Academic and Student Affairs), Prof. Dr. Tri Retnaningsih Soeprobowati, M.Apps.Sc (Vice Dean of Resources and Innovation) and Chairman and secretary of the study program and all managers of Diponegoro Graduate School.

continued Session I of the Dean’s Speech followed by graduate report by Prof. Dr. Hadiyanto, ST., M.Sc related to the number of graduates at the Graduation Ceremony of Pascasarjan School diponegoro University period I in 2020 as many as 49 people consisting of 26 Men and 23 Women. The graduates are from master’s programs and doctoral programs.

Here’s a breakdown of the number of graduates:

Doctoral program :

  1. Environmental Science : 4 persons

Master’s Program :

  1. Environmental science : 16 people
  2. Epidemiology : 13 people
  3. Information System : 11 persons
  4. Energy : 5 persons

Session II of vice graduation representative Dr. Andin Irsadi from The Doctoral Study Program of Environmental Sciences
Session III of The Submission Ceremony of the Transcript of the value and Charter award by the Dean of SPs, Vice Dean I and Vice Dean II SPs in the co-chair and secretary of the Study Program, We need to say that from the Graduate School of Postgraduate, 29 of them successfully graduated with the predicate “with praise (cumlaude)” consisting of 3 Doctoral students of Environmental Sciences, 10 Students of Master of Environmental Sciences, 5 students of Master of Epidemiology” , 8 Master of Information Systems students, 3 Students of Master of Energy.
Session IV of The Speaker of graduation ceremony Period I year 2020 by Dr. Ing. Sudarno, M.Sc.
Session V Closing. Thanks