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It is an honor for us to publish the website of the Diponegoro University Graduate School. This website contains all information related to educational programs at the Postgraduate School of Diponegoro University. We understand the global challenges by providing the best service from the learning process through the dedication of educators and education personnel who are qualified and open courses that respond to global needs. At this time, the Postgraduate School of Diponegoro University has 1 Doctoral program and 4 MSc programs covering the fields of medicine / health, communication science, humanities, and the environment. We’ve passed 10,000. students and admits 300 students each year.

Our green campus is located in the city center and will provide comfort in research activities and other activities. This environment supports Diponegoro University’s goal of becoming a Research University.

Welcome and welcome to join our green campus. Be sure to see us through this profile book. Hopefully the information we present can help.




Diponegoro University Postgraduate Program organized by the Minister of Education and Culture Number 67 486 / A2.1.2 / C / 1994 dated 7 November 1994.

Long before the issuance of the Operational Permit Program for the Diponegoro University Postgraduate Program, there was a difference, in 1974, Diponegoro University had held a Doctor of Education Degree to review LMU in Law and Medicine. In the execution of Up to Singers Program in 1990, it has produced more than 20 doctoral orangutans. IN 1982, collaborating with the University of Indonesia for a master program in the field of Law. Singer Program YEAR 1983 and then Stand Alone at Diponegoro University as a Master of Law program. Based on different considerations lies BETWEEN: Students in the Development Period, used in university and community development Need improvement in terms of Human Resources Quality, then AT 1994 Diponegoro University postgraduate program formed a responsible leap which was shown to the Chancellor. The postgraduate program is given to telecommunications a review of the coordinates and management of Postgraduate Education activities in universities and is responsible for the development of academic QUALITY.

As a one-prayer education provider under Diponegoro University, to study the various challenges of answering and market needs, Postgraduate Programs are Emerging Quickly, Until the End of Knowledge WITH 2012 Evolve Has Become a Program 41 This program includes 32 Masters Study Programs and 9 Doctoral Studies.

In the course of the Postgraduate Diponegoro University Program underwent a very basic transformation, namely with the issuance of Diponegoro University Chancellor Skills Number 609 / SK / 2011 on November 11, 2011. ABOUT Management of Administrative and Academic Programs in Postgraduate Studies Monodisciplinary, Appropriate Assessment of the second dictum states “Transfer of Management Academic and some administrative programs namely monodisciplinary originally under the graduate program, under the management of the faculty. Since January 1, 2013, only 6 graduate programs have managed the program. The program includes 2 and 4 Masters in Doctoral Studies. Starting in 2015, Managing the Diponegoro University 5 Postgraduate Program which includes 1 and 4 Masters Program in Doctoral Studies, including:

Vision, Mission and Goals

Vision, Mission and Goals


In 2020 the Postgraduate School of Studies – SPS, Diponegoro University will become an excellent and internationally recognized Postgraduate School.


  1. Providing high-quality postgraduate education that has a high competitive advantage, international comparability and contributes to the development of science and technology.
  2. Conduct high-quality research and publications as well as ownership of Intellectual Property Rights to advance science, technology and art by promoting local culture and resources.
  3. Providing high quality community services as an application for efforts and development of science and technology with the aim of meeting the needs of society.
  4. Developing professionalism, capability, accountability, good governance, and organizational independence of education study programs. academic, finance, and infrastructure (related to the 4th mission)


  1. The high level of competitive human resources at the international level (related to the First Mission)
  2. Integrated higher education at all levels of education (related to Mission 1)
  3. High academic atmosphere through research activities (related to the 2nd mission)
  4. Lots of cooperation and collaboration with external parties nationally and / or internationally (related to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd mission)
  5. Lots of cooperation and collaboration with external parties nationally and / or internationally (related to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd mission)
Untuk semua pengaduan terkait sekolah Pascasarjana Hubungi :
+62 815-6778-1678
Untuk semua pengaduan terkait sekolah Pascasarjana Hubungi :
+62 815-6778-1678