School of Postgraduate Studies - Diponegoro University a General lecture on the theme
 "Development of Energy Today and Future" 
on February 8, 2017, Time: 02:00 pm, at the Main Courtroom, 
1st Floor Building A Postgraduate UNDIP.

Speakers at the public lecture are

Dr. Khalil Al Yakoob,
Project Manager for Aeronautics Systems
Subcontractor for Airbus Industry France
Former Assoc. Prof. at UTEM Malacca MY
Ph.D in Chemical Engineering Thermal InpT Toulouse France

and accompanied by the Dean of the Graduate School 
Prof. Dr. Ir. Purwanto, DEA as well as opening the moderator of this event. 
Participants of Student:
1. Doctoral Studies Program in Environmental Sciences
2. Master of Environmental Science
3. Master of Information Systems
4. Master of Epidemiology
5. Master of Energy
Material Please in Download